• I received another order today, and as usual… everything is just perfection. Prompt delivery, gorgeous packaging, kind and thoughtful words and the most luxurious oils!


  • I used your Gypsy Oil religiously during my pregnancy and got no stretch marks but even better has such a nice bonding ritual with my little baby in utero every night while massaging by belly. Such beautiful products.


  • Prettiest packaging but an even better smell on your skin. I love pampering myself with your oils and they make for a great gift for my girlfriends.


We’re letting you in on a little secret….

Our business isn’t about the products.

Not really.

Our business is about celebrating you.


You are not broken or tainted (as the beauty industry would have you believe). Removing your laugh lines is erasing the joy that brought them there, and that’s certainly not what we’re about. As women, we have an inherent nature to put all others before ourselves, and it comes at a cost. As Lalah Delia once said, “self-care is how you take back your power”.


Our artisan oils and salts are an invitation to turn inward and make time for peace. Creating daily rituals to nourish your skin suddenly becomes an opportunity to nourish something much more valuable; your soul.

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