Time is precious yet far too fleeting. I learned this the hard way.

spent years working in beauty therapy, only to eventually realise how much it was destroying my very soul. The industry is built on foundational lies that women aren’t good enough and need to be fixed. This cream will tighten up your wrinkles and that body butter removes any trace of stretch marks. Not only are these claims almost always false, but the products only sell if we believe that we need them. I couldn’t continue perpetuating the lies and encouraging women to feel worthless. Even though I don’t believe the marketing lies, I do believe there is power in beauty regimes, and it has nothing to do with the products.


I fought hard to become a mum. After 5 years of infertility, we finally gave birth to our first son via IVF. The pregnancy had me on edge, terrified that somehow, I would lose that baby. I refused to put anything on my skin that wasn’t 100% natural. It was important
to take time out each day and refill my tank, and beauty regimes gave me a reason. For me, a gloriously lush skin care ritual was the invitation I needed to consciously create daily moments of peace and solitude. I began to realise how much I valued time over things and shifted my focus to make this a priority.

When my mum was diagnosed with cancer, I felt as if time had been snatched away from me. She passed away just two weeks later, and my world crashed down around me. I was heartbroken and couldn’t stop thinking how much I wished I’d had more time with her. If I’d
known it would be cut short, maybe I would’ve tried harder to be present.


This was the tipping point for me. Moments became my
fuel, not things. I realised that no amount of money could ever compare to having my mum back, and I didn’t want to waste another single second being distracted by the less significant.

Now, I’m here.  

While our products are certainly luxurious and will make your skin come alive, that’s not really what the brand is here to do. Lux Aestiva has always been an invitation for women to care for their whole selves, inside and out.