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Australian White Clay Incense Holder

Australian White Clay Incense Holder

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Exclusively produced for Lux Aestiva, each hand-crafted clay incense holder is unique and is thoughtfully designed to inspire calm and mindfulness as you set your daily intentions.

Made using pure Australian white clay, each incense holder is lovingly hand-made in Noosa, by local Sunshine Coast artist Pam Reed. With a slow, deliberate process, Pam shapes the clay into soft waves, evoking feelings of peace and serenity to accompany you throughout your busy day.

Perfectly balanced to cradle one of our natural incense sticks or to create your own ritual with a piece of Palo Santo, its simple yet elegant design makes it the perfect addition to any home.

Care Instructions

Wipe the incense holder with a damp cloth after use to remove excess ash and dust. Do not submerge in water or use harsh chemicals to clean.

Things to consider

Each clay incense holder is one-of-a-kind. Please embrace the unique variations in surface texture, as they reflect the individual beauty of each handcrafted piece.

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